Student Demographics

Our programs offer students in every demographic the opportunity to succeed.

Our students come from all areas and walks of life. They live in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and throughout the world. Some are single, married or partnered; some have dependent children or other family members to care for.

Some of our students are earning their first associate’s or bachelor’s degree and are new to higher education. Some are working toward adding a master’s or doctoral degree to their educational credentials. Many students are established professionals who want to expand their knowledge of their current field, or develop skills and competencies in a  new discipline. 

Regardless of family, professional or educational backgrounds, our students have one thing in common: the desire to earn an education while keeping their commitments to family, work and the future. 

The diverse needs of our students inform how we develop convenient, high-quality degree programs that allow working students to balance the demands of life with the demands of earning a higher education.

University of Phoenix Student Diversity*

University of Phoenix Student Gender*


University of Phoenix Student Experience

University of Phoenix is dedicated to providing our students with helpful services and rewarding learning experiences. Please use the links below to learn more.

* SEC. (2013, October 22). 10K. Apollo Education Group, Inc.

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