Student life at University of Phoenix

You’re committed to advancing your career through education, and we’re equally dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We’ve created an academic community that provides advanced technologies, long-term student support and academic methodologies that can help you stay engaged for the long run. Here’s why you’ll want to be part of our thriving student community:

Classroom Technologies

Learn how we keep you connected to learning resources, from anywhere.

Student Support

We provide the resources and encouragement you need to stay on course.


The resources to help you identify and stay on your best path to academic success.

Center for Writing Excellence

Online tools to sharpen ideas and writing.
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Graduation Team

A support system all the way through graduation.
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Center for Mathematics Excellence

Get tutoring, online lessons and confidence.
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Credits for Experience

Have classes or experience under your belt? Perfect.
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Benefits of Being a Phoenix

University of Phoenix invests in the resources that help you achieve your academic goals. When you enroll, you’ll see that it’s all about you—from the supportive representatives on your Graduation Team to helpful tools that can help you stay engaged with your coursework from anywhere. Get started on an enriching student experience by getting your questions answered by a representative.

How it works

How it works

Learn the inner-workings of University of Phoenix life right here.

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Explore one of the largest student communities in the country.

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