Emotional Intelligence – psy301 (1 credit)

This course examines the concepts and practical applications of emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage one's own internal emotional environment and one's ability to participate in relationships with others.  Through a highly interactive format, the course will focus on how to assess basic skills in emotional intelligence, how to develop strategies to improve and enhance basic skill levels, and how to experiment with techniques that facilitate dealing with others of varying emotional backgrounds and competency levels.

This undergraduate-level course is 2 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

The Nature of Emotional Intelligence

  • Analyze the use of emotional intelligence concepts in work life, home life, and personal life.
  • Describe the differences between traditional cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence.
  • Examine the importance of emotional intelligence in all aspects of life.

The Five Competencies of Emotional Intelligence

  • Identify the five basic competencies of emotional intelligence.
  • Describe each of the five competencies and list at least one behavioral example of each.
  • Identify common opportunities people have to improve their use of each of the competencies.
  • Describe at least two ways to develop higher skill levels in each competency.

How to Apply the Five Competencies in Daily Life

  • Develop a plan to enhance coworkers' emotional intelligence competencies in a specific workplace.
  • Develop a customized plan to improve at least one of your individual competencies.

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