Advanced Word Features – bsceu1150 (0 credits)

Microsoft Word® plays a critical role in assisting employees in their everyday word processing tasks. In this course, students will explore the advanced features of Word® including creating complex documents, automating tasks, and methods to maintain consistency between documents. Students will learn how to control text flows between paragraphs and pages, insert hyperlinks, and modify how graphics and text appear together on the pages. This course provides 0.6 continuing education units in one, 6-hour workshop.

This non-credit course is 1 week. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Advanced Word® Features

  • Explore how to work with and modify tables and charts
  • Create and modify text, list, table, and theme styles
  • Examine how to use images in a document
  • Identify how to create custom graphic elements
  • Identify how to insert content using quick parts
  • Examine the tools used to control text flow
  • Explore how to create templates and documents using templates
  • Identify how to use mail merge
  • Identify how to use macros

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