Basic Word Processing With Microsoft Word – bsceu1100 (0 credits)

Microsoft® Word plays a critical role in assisting employees in their everyday word processing tasks. In this course, students will explore the basic functions of Word, which is designed to help users move smoothly through the task of creating professional documents. Students will learn how to create and edit simple documents, format, add tables and lists, incorporate design elements, and proof documents. This course provides 0.6 continuing education units in one, 6-hour workshop.

This non-credit course is 1 week. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Basic word processing with Microsoft® Word

  • Identify the various ways to use Word proofing tools
  • Examine way to customize the Word interface
  • Identify the basic elements and uses of Word
  • Recognize how to navigate through a document, modify, find and replace text
  • Identify the various formatting options and tools
  • Recognize how to insert and modify tables
  • Examine how to sort, renumber, and customize a list
  • Explore how to insert symbols, special characters, and images into a document
  • Recognize how to control page appearance

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