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Data is just raw material. It’s what businesses do with that data that determines their success. If making those critical decisions is what you want to do, our IS management degrees can provide you with the skills to become the kind of manager who can ­— and does.

Learn change management, organizational culture, ethics and team development in courses taught by faculty with years of real world IT experience. As you continue your education, customize your degree with a certificate that prepares you for industry-recognized credentials.

If you want to be a leader in IT, it’s not enough to manage business systems that are already in place. You have to think critically about how those systems work, and, if need be, know how to design your own. Learn IT infrastructure, project management and strategic planning in our master’s degree in IS management.

Gain the skills employers want sooner with our certificate option, which places career-focused courses earlier in your degree program. This enables you to earn a certificate and demonstrate your knowledge of core job competencies to employers — before you graduate.

Master of Information Systems

Master of Information Systems with a Graduate Information Systems Management Certificate

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