Nursing Bridge Program

The Nursing Bridge Program is for RNs like you who want to earn their master’s degree in nursing, but have a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university. You’ll combine the knowledge you’ve gained as an undergraduate student with your nursing training and apply it in our Master of Science in Nursing program.

You’ll take the same introductory course all MSN students take. However, you will also be required to also take three additional Nursing upper division level bridge courses. The bridge courses provide mastery of foundational, undergraduate content in the areas of nursing theory, evidence-based practice and research, and standards of professional practice.

Your Required Bridge Courses

  1. Theories and Models of Nursing Practice
    In NUR403 you’ll study the behaviors, attitudes and values necessary for theory-based professional nursing practice. Concepts of professional nursing are presented within the unifying framework of Dr. Jean Watson’s “Theory of Human Caring.”
  2. Evidence-Based Nursing Research and Practice
    In NUR443 you’ll learn how to interpret, evaluate and use research in your nursing practice, as well as how to conduct your own research.
  3. Health Assessment and Promotion of Vulnerable Populations
    In NUR440 you’ll learn how to develop interviewing skills, refine the process of giving a health assessment and use preventative health interventions when working with diverse and vulnerable populations.

Beginning your Master of Science in Nursing Degree

After you’ve successfully completed your MSN introductory course and your required bridge courses, you can move into one of the following programs:

An enrollment representative can tell you if your desired MSN program is available in your state, online or at a local campus.

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