Communication degrees

A Communication degree opens doors to many exciting fields such as marketing, public relations and journalism. At University of Phoenix®, we can help you meet future opportunities head on by developing skills to share ideas effectively and to think creatively. Our online degree programs offer an applied approach so you can use your newfound skill set immediately in the field.

About Communications degrees

The College of Humanities and Sciences offers a variety of Communication degrees. Students learn from a curriculum designed in partnership with industry experts and taught by faculty members with deep experience in their industries.

Curricula focus on developing core communication competencies emphasizing theory and the application of communication across small groups, organizations, mass communication and culture.

Bachelor's degrees in Communication

The bachelor's degree program in Communication builds the necessary skill set to proficiently function in professional scenarios. Curriculum develops the core communication competencies for areas such as leadership communications, journalism, marketing and sales, ethics and law, business communications, diversity, conflict resolution and other emerging fields related to technology.

Whether your goal is to pursue a career in traditional communications or emerging media, our online degree in Communication can point you in the right direction.

En-route Associate degree

Choosing an en- route associate degree provides a valuable credential as you work toward your bachelor's degree in Communication. This program will cover a broad base of study that you can apply to your professional path.

Bachelor's en-route certificates

In the exciting field of communication, it's important to remain competitive. En-route certificates can help you gain an advantage. Show you've developed relevant skills even before you earn your bachelor's degree.

(Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a certificate as well as your degree.)


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