Enterprise Security Competency Model

About the Enterprise Security Competency Model

The Enterprise Security Competency Model details the core set of skills and knowledge that industry practitioners are expected to have. The model — written by University of Phoenix in collaboration with the ASIS Foundation, the leading security organization — has been adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Based on input from hundreds of security professionals, the model highlights five key competency areas. The base tiers of the pyramid represent a broad foundation of personal abilities; the middle tiers show educational, technical and functional proficiencies; and the top tiers reflect competencies by occupation. Employers use this model to assess skills when recruiting job candidates or evaluating employee performance. Additionally, the model serves as a resource to inform discussions among industry leaders, educators, economic developers and public workforce investment professionals.

Our College of Security and Criminal Justice built its associate and bachelor's security programs around the competencies shown in this model.

Check out the graphic below to see how these skills and knowledge can be developed.

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Review the Enterprise Security Competency Model below. Within each tier, you can select a competency to display a table of the corresponding programs and courses. This table will appear either next to or below the model. Click a course code to see the course details page. Click the arrows above the table to tab through the different competencies.


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Enterprise Security Competency Model

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Why a prepared security workforce matters

Read what industry leaders say about addressing employee skills gaps — and how the competency model can help.

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Securing our future

Learn how University of Phoenix helped create a competency model for the security industry that's been adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor.