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Entrepreneurship concentrations and certificates designed for what comes next

Intrapreneur. Entrepreneur. Socialpreneur. However you want to move forward, a business education can help you turn your idea into a marketable and viable product, business or organization. Our concentrations and certificates with an entrepreneurship focus can help you gain the knowledge and skills to turn your idea into a solid business strategy. Learn how to determine an idea’s feasibility, core market potential and capital needs as well as how to create a budget and succession plan.

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Your career as an entrepreneur is important to us and we recognize just how much more you want for your future. That's why our programs are designed with your next step in mind.

Industry-aligned curriculum

Our curriculum was developed in conjunction with the School’s Professional Advisory Committee, comprised of public, private and non-profit corporate executives, successful small business owners, academics, veterans and alumni of University of Phoenix.

Entrepreneurial faculty working in the field

Learn from instructors who've been working in the field for an average of 22 years.

For more information about each of these programs, including on-time completion rates, the median debt incurred by students who completed the program and other important information, please visit phoenix.edu/programs/gainful-employment.

  1. Maryland residents completing undergraduate degree programs will earn an emphasis rather than a concentration in a particular area of study.

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What our alumni are saying

“I would not be able to do what I’ve done without the confidence University of Phoenix has given me … to know that I can start my own business, I can give back, and I can make a tangible impact on the world.” 

Kimberly Robertson, MBA ’10, Founder, Light of Mine – Seeds of Hope