Getting credit for your experience

Whether you took classes, have prior work experience or have life experience that has given you the skills you need, we want to help you get credit for it. Here are ways you can apply what you’ve already learned to earn credits.

Previous educational experience

Existing college credits

Transfer the credits you received from approved academic institutions, including educational institutions outside the United States, to University of Phoenix, so you don’t have to take the same course twice.

You can also apply community college credits toward a bachelor’s degree in one seamless block, saving you both time and money, through our Community College Pathways partnerships.

Your company’s in-house training

Leverage the education you’ve already received from your employer by submitting a professional portfolio that details your company’s in-house training.

Your own experiences

Submit an essay to demonstrate knowledge you’ve gained from personal and professional experiences and how it directly applies to your learning and growth academically.

Military training

Apply the training you received in the military for college credit–all sectors of the military document the training you receive so you can get the credit you deserve.

Pass a test

Demonstrate you have a thorough understanding of the subject matter of a specific course by passing a standardized test. It’s sort of like taking the final, but at the beginning of the school year.


Submit industry certifications you’ve earned to satisfy required courses in select degree programs. To find out more about your opportunities, talk to an enrollment representative.

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Take a step—not a risk

Our Risk-Free Period Program lets you take three weeks of your first credit-bearing University course, with no financial obligation.
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