STEM careers and you

The DNA of a STEM employee

Are you a problem solver? Do you have a natural curiosity?

You could be a great candidate for the STEM workplace.

Careers you might not have previously considered as STEM-related include accountants, teachers and law enforcement officers — along with the more traditional STEM jobs in information technology or nursing.

Beyond requiring a foundational knowledge and application of science, technology, engineering or math, the evolving STEM workplace needs employees who are also:

  • Analytical
  • Articulate
  • Creative
  • Collaborative
  • Flexible
  • Innovative
STEM isn’t just for mathematicians and scientists — it’s for problem solvers and creative thinkers, too. There’s a vast range of STEM-related careers in industries as diverse as business, health care and education.

Importantly, STEM-related employers seek workers who are lifelong learners.

University of Phoenix is uniquely positioned to provide students at virtually every post-high-school educational level with STEM-related degree and certificate programs — as well as noncredit professional development and test-preparation courses — to support your STEM knowledge throughout your career.

Gain a foundational understanding of STEM

Improve your knowledge of the role of STEM in K–12 curricula with our Overview of STEM course. The graduate-level, six-week class details how STEM originated and how the field interrelates with various educational and technology standards.

Wanted: More women and minorities

A great deal of discussion about STEM centers on the need for more diversity. We see this as an opportunity for our students, since nearly 70 percent are female, and almost half are non-white. As we help connect your education to more STEM opportunities, we’re also striving to balance the talent pipeline.

Something else to keep in mind: Women who hold STEM degrees and jobs can earn an average of 30 percent more than women in non-STEM careers.

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