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University of Phoenix ranks near the top.

At University of Phoenix, student achievement has always been a source of pride. That’s why we’re proud to share what we’ve always known — University of Phoenix students are rising to the top.

In its first College Scorecard, released in September 2015, the U.S. Department of Education released data on colleges and universities, including University of Phoenix, on a wide variety of criteria.  In the Scorecard, University of Phoenix ranked in the top 25 among large institutions in salary after attending.

Designed to increase transparency into education, the online scorecard gives parents and students the ability to quickly compare colleges by salary after attending, average annual costs, college size and other metrics.

How did we do? Let's look at the numbers.

Above-average Salary after attending (Footnote 1): $33,137 National average (Footnote 2); $42,304 Other institutions (Footnote 3); $53,400 University of Phoenix

1 The median earnings of former students at 10 years after attending the institution, limited to those who received federal student aid.

2 National average based on the 7,676 institutions included in the Scorecard.

3 Among the 2,081 institutions included in the Scorecard that award predominately four-year degrees.

Below-average Annual cost (Footnote 4): $21,049	Other private universities (Footnote 5); $14,411 University of Phoenix Online Campus (Footnote 6)

4 The average annual net price for federal student aid recipient, after aid from the school, state or federal government.

5 Among 1,430 private undergraduate degree-granting schools included in the Scorecard.

6 Scorecard data indicates varying average annual costs across University of Phoenix campuses and locations. The highest average annual cost among University of Phoenix campuses was the Boston campus at $20,584, which is still less than the average of other private universities.

Source: U.S. Department of Education, College Scorecard. (2015). MERGED2011_PP.csv. Retrieved September 15, 2015 from

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